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A Happier 2021, We Hope!!

Greetings of the New Year.

I want to share with you something amazing. It’s an audio diary of 17-year-old Monaea, an African-American high school senior in Minneapolis.  

She tells us – her listeners – about the emotional and practical challenges she and her schoolmates are facing today with so many recent murders of young African-Americans – including George Floyd in Minneapolis – both by police and reckless citizens with guns, as well as with the frustrations of online schooling necessitated since October by the rapid rise of Covid-19.  

She speaks to us with insight, honesty, and humor.  But for me, the amazing and encouraging thing about Monaea’s diary is her determination and optimism, despite all these challenges, for starting college next fall.  

I discovered her audio diary last week on WNYC, but it’s now readily available as a SnapJudgment podcast and online at www.snapjudgment.orgI learned a lot, and Monaea’s voice and her story have stayed with me.  Let me know what you think.

The audio diary was produced by Vice News Reports.

With my best New Year's wishes, Alyson Ben-David

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