Joseph Ben-David presented more than 3,500 lectures and discussions on humanism, human relations, and liberal religion. The topics selected here are grouped topically, as indicated in the headings.

Most of them were given at programs of the Humanist Society of Greater New York, the American Humanist Association's New York Chapter, the Church of Humanism, the Humanist Foundation, and several Unitarian-Universalist churches.

Approximately 30 lectures were given in his native language, Czech, in Prague and Pilsen after the 1989 liberation of Czechoslovakia.

Not included here are talks and discussions led by Ben-David in 1940's and early 50's in British Palestine and Israel, in Hebrew and German. These were given for the Society for Creative Culture, health education programs in refugee camps, and training sessions of Jerusalem Municipality inspectors, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Talks, Sermons, and Seminars, grouped topically and listed chronologically

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