Important Reading

These authors have influenced our understanding and appreciation of humanism. Please share your thoughts with us here.

Adler, Felix:An Ethical Philosophy of Life

Arendt, Hannah: The Origins of Totalitarianism

Bergman, Hugo Samuel: Faith and Reason

Berrigan, Daniel: To Dwell in Peace

Bernard, Walter: Spinoza and Brunner

Berne, Eric: Games People Play

Black, Algernon: Without Burnt Offerings

Blackham, H. J.: Reality, Man and Existence

Bonhoeffer, Dietrich: Ethics; The Cost of Discipleship

Boyd, Malcolm: The Underground Church

Breastead, James H.: The Dawn of Conscience

Brunner, Constantin: Science, Spirit, Superstition

Buber, Martin: I and Thou; Between Man and Man

Buehrens, John A., and F. Forrester Church:Our Chosen Faith

Camus, Albert: The Rebel

Capek, Norbert F., and Karel Haspl:Creative Religion

Cronbach, Abraham: The Realities of Religion

Dewey, John: A Common Faith; Philosophy in Reconstruction

Dunham, Barrows: Heroes and Heretics

Commoner, Barry: Science and Survival

Dietrich John: What I Believe; Thoughts on God

Einstein, Albert: The World As I See It; Out of My Later Years

Ellis, Albert: Sex Without Guilt

Ellis Albert, and R. A.Harper:A Guide to Rational Living

Emerson, Ralph Waldo: The Portable Emerson (edited by Mark Van Doren)

Erasmus of Rotterdam: In Praise of Folly

Erickson, Edward L.: The Free Mind through the Ages

Feinstein, David, and Stanley Krippner: Personal Mythology

Fischer, Louis: Gandhi - His Life and Message

Frankl, E. Viktor: Man's Search for Meaning

Fromm, Erich: Psychoanalysis and Religion; The Art of Loving; The Heart of Man; Revolution of Hope

Frothingham, Richard: John Dietrich's Theism

Greer, Germaine: The Female Eunuch

Havel, Vaclav: The Power of the Powerless

Hawton, Hector: The Humanist Revolution

Horney, Karen: The Neurotic Personality of Our Time; Our Inner Conflicts

Huxley, Aldous: The Perennial Philosophy; Brave New World

Huxley, Julian: Religion without Revelation; Knowledge, Morality and Destiny

James, William: Varieties of Religious Experience

Jefferson, Thomas: On Democracy (Edited by Saul K. Padover)

Kohn, Hans: Living in a World Revolution

Ketcham, Charles: The Search for Meaningful Existence

Keys, Donald: God and the H-Bomb

Korzybski, Alfred: Selections from Science and Sanity

Krippner, Stanley: The Song of the Siren

Laing, R. D.: The Politics of Experience; The Politics of the Family; The Divided Self

Leary, Timothy: The Politics of Ecstasy

Leshan, Lawrence: How to Meditate; The Medium the Mystic and the Physicist

Lowen, Alexander: The Betrayal of the Body

Marshall, George N.: Challenge of a Liberal Faith

Masaryk, Tomas Garrigue: Humanistic Ideals; Modern Man and Religion

Maslow, Abraham: Toward a Psychology of Being; Religions, Values and Peak Experiences; The Psychology of Science

May, Rollo: Love and Will

Meerloo, Joost A. H.: The Rape of the Mind

Merton Thomas: The Root of War

Milgram, Stanley: Obedience to Authority

Niebuhr, Reinhold: Christ and Culture

O'Hair, Madalyn Murray: What on Earth Is an Atheist?; Freedom under Siege

Orwell, George: 1984

Otto, Herbert, and John Mann: Ways of Growth

Otto, Max C.: Science and the Moral Life

Otto, Rudolf: The Idea of the Holy

Paine, Thomas: The Age of Reason

Patton, Kenneth L.: A Religion for One World

Perls, Frederick, Ralph F. Hefferline, and Paul Goodman:Gestalt Therapy

Potter, Charles Francis: The Preacher and I; Humanism: A New Religion

Reese, Curtis, W.: Humanist Religion; The Meaning of Humanism

Rieser, Oliver: Cosmic Humanism

Reich, Wilhelm: Character Analysis; Selected Writings; Mass Psychology of Fascism

Rogers, Carl R.: On Becoming a Person

Russell, Bertrand: Unpopular Essays; The Faith of a Humanist

Robinson, John A. T.: Honest to God

Schatzman, Morton: Soul Murder

Schutz, William C.: Joy

Schweitzer, Albert: The Philosophy of Civilization; Out of My Life and Thought

Sellars, Roy Wood: Religion Coming of Age

Sohrab, Ahmed: The Bible of Mankind

Szasz, Thomas: Law, Liberty and Psychiatry

Stevens, John O.: Awareness

Tillich, Paul: Dynamics of Faith; The Courage to Be; The Shaking of the Foundations

Wiener, Norbert: God and Golem

Weil, Simon: The Need for Roots

Wieman, Henry N.: The Source of Human Good; Religious Experience and Scientific Method

Zuckerman, William: Voice of Dissent

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