Topics and dates of lectures, sermons and seminars

Presented by the Rev. Joseph Ben-David

    Rev. Ben-David has given over 3,500 lectures on humanism, human relations and liberal religion. Most of the lectures, seminars and workshops listed below were held in the facilities of the Humanist Society of Greater New York, the American Humanist Association's New York Chapter, the Church of Humanism, the Humanist Foundation and several Unitarian Universalist Churches. Not fully included are about 30 lectures he has given in his native language, Czech, in Prague and Pilsen since the 1989 liberation of Czechoslovakia

    The 1940's and 50's are missing here. During that period, He has given many lectures in Hebrew and German in Israel, for the Society for Creative Culture, provided health education programs in refugee camps, and gave lectures at training sessions of Jerusalem Municipality inspectors, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Humanist Talks and Seminars